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If he believes you have erectile dysfunction, Cialis (tadalafil) can be prescribed by your doctor. This sex-related ailment is not unheard of in men older than 50, although recently situations of more youthful people are consistently reported. Take Cialis when required yet see to it you do not do it also often - considering that this medicine takes most likely to last for 36 hrs, the minimum amount of time supposed to pass between both doses need to be at least 24 hrs. Take this medicine precisely as directed without going over the dose or taking it much more often than suggested. A minimum of 24 hrs must pass in between two doses of Cialis to ensure you do not overdose.

Cialis causes only some minor adverse effects that are most likely to disappear on their own. These consist of cough, problem, acid indigestion, diarrhea and facial flushing. You do not require to report these negative effects to your healthcare service provider unless they change in intensity or come to be annoying. It's important that you visit your physician to get a prescribed for this medicine, as only a qualified specialist can decide to prescribe Cialis based on a complete assessment of your health. Some health and wellness disorders could make it impossible for you to take this medicine.

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